The program of IAMO Forum 2012

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IAMO Forum 2012 Leaflet

Conference Structure

The IAMO Forum 2012 focuses on economic, political, and natural developments and their implications for land-based ecosystem services with a geographic focus on the transition economies. The Forum will feature three plenary session and one plenary discussion as well as fourteen parallel sessions. Each day of the conference will focus on one main topic.

Day 1: Land Use Transitions

Day 1 focuses on changes in land use and land cover. Contributions can deal with case-study evidence as well as with regional or cross-national analyses. The aim of Day 1 is to better understand the patterns, extent and proximate causes of land use change. Specific themes may include:

  • Agricultural land abandonment
  • Forest transition and logging
  • Proximate causes of land use change

Panel speakers:

Peter Verburg (University Amsterdam)
Helmut Haberl (Alpen-Adria-Universität)

Day 2: Processes of Land Use Change

More subtle land use modifications as well as the underlying processes of land use change and their economic and ecological impacts are the key theme of Day 2. Sessions may include:

  • Underlying drivers of land use change
  • Changes in agricultural productivity
  • Biomass production potentials
  • Cropland change and the carbon cycle
  • Effects of land use change on natural resources and ecosystem functions

Panel speakers:

Jo Swinnen (University of Leuven)
Grigory Ioffe (Radford University)

Day 3: Farmland Investments and Land Grabbing

The rapidly growing domestic and foreign investments into agricultural production as well as the emergence of large-scale farms in many land abundant transition economies are the focus of Day 3. We welcome contributions along for session topics that target, among others:

  • Large-scale investments into agricultural production
  • Farm structures and farm structural change
  • Institutional and legal aspects of agricultural investments
  • Land market developments
  • Rise of agroholdings

Panel speakers:

Max Spoor (The Hague-Erasmus University)
Klaus Deininger (World Bank)

Day 3 will conclude with a panel discussion on the new wave of large-scale farmland investments where we bring together scientists, investors, and policy makers. We are very happy to welcome the following guests:

Prof. Dr. Max Spoor, Professor of Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Klaus Deininger, Lead Economist in the rural development group of the Development Economics Group, The World Bank

Dr. Alexej Lissitsa, President of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club

Stefan Duerr, Founder and Managing Director of the Russian-German Company EkoNiva

Maren Kneller, Consultant for Rural Development and Global Food Security,
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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