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Agri-food business: global challenges – innovative solutions
edited by Thomas Glauben, Jon H. Hanf, Michael Kopsidis, Agata Pieniadz and Klaus Reinsberg
A special issue of Outlook on Agriculture, Vol 38, No 1, March 2009

This special issue is made up of selected, refereed and edited papers from the IAMO Forum 2008. They introduce the challenges facing agribusiness enterprises in transition countries; Central and Eastern European countries and China. The survival of these businesses depends on how successful they are in adapting to changing consumer demand and trade patterns. The special issue contains the following articles:

Certification schemes in the European agri-food sector: overview and opportunities for Central and Eastern Europe
Jana-Christina Gawron and Ludwig Theuvsen

Spread of retailer food quality standards: a transition countries perspective
Larissa S. Drescher, Carola Grebitus and Thomas Herzfeld
The food industry in the new EU member states: a comparative view on structure, conduct and performance
Henning Harre and Frauke Pirscher

Measuring and comparing the competitiveness of heterogeneous production systems in agriculture: a note
Oleg Nivievskyi and Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel

Collusion in the Hungarian market for raw milk
Heinrich Hockmann and ╔va V÷neki

Optimal grain marketing revisited: a German and Polish perspective
Jens-Peter Loy and Agata Pieniadz   

The increase in protein demand for China’s livestock sector and its implications for the international agricultural trade
Wei Sun, BÚatrice Knerr and Michael Kuhn

How does biotech food labelling affect consumers’ purchasing preferences and the market? Evidence from urban China

Funing Zhong and Xi Chen

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Please note, that more papers of IAMO Forum 2008 are published in the series of IAMO "Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe":

Glauben, T., Hanf, J., Kopsidis, M., Pieniadz, A., Reinsberg, K. (2008)
Agri-food business: Global challenges – Innovative solutions
Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Vol 46, Halle (Saale)

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