Rural areas in transition: Services of general interest, entrepreneurship and quality of life

IAMO Forum 2013

19-21 June 2013 | Halle (Saale), Germany

Rural areas in transition countries catch news headlines highlighting depopulation, especially of the young, lagging economic attractiveness, worsening of services, increasing levels of poverty. Regarding the EU Member States among this group, several billions of euros have been spent to foster economic growth and convergence. What has been the effect of this support? Is policy using the appropriate instruments? Do we have the necessary information to guideline effective and efficient policy design? What would be adequate measures in order to overcome structural rigidities? What is the role of private entrepreneurs like agroholdings or non-agricultural firms in providing employment and services in rural areas?

The IAMO Forum 2013 is organised jointly with the Thünen Institute of Rural Studies. It will provide a platform for academic exchange focusing on the development of rural areas in transition economies of Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, and Asia. We welcome contributions that discuss the consequences of demographic changes in rural areas, the structural changes of rural economies, development of off-farm rural activities or impact assessment of rural policy interventions. Especially, we invite contributions that discuss new concepts to measure well-being of rural households and economic development beyond income based poverty or GDP-like measures. We welcome proposals for organised sessions.

The conference contributions may exploit a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches from economics, sociology, geography or political sciences. Interdisciplinary contributions are particularly welcome.

To encourage the conference participation of scientists with children, an in-house child care service can be offered during the Forum. Please contact the organisers.



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