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Dr. Lena Kuhn
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Dr. Zhanli Sun
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Dr. Yanjie Zhang
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Welcome to the IAMO International Research Group



Rural areas in China are facing environmental and socio-economics pressures. This interlinking project is about a more comprehensive and coordinated analysis of the dynamics and crosslinks of agricultural developments, and socio-economic and ecological processes in China’s rural areas, and it will endeavour to provide possible solutions to the aforementioned development deficits. 



In the last two decades, China has risen to become an economic power, and has now become the second largest economy in the world. However, there are still more than 80 million people in rural areas, predominantly small farmers, living off less than US$ 1.25 per day.

The extreme prosperity gap between city and countryside, between the south-eastern coastal region and the western regions are obvious. Poverty and extreme regional disparities in income are not least the result of the loss of employment opportunities in agriculture, together with a lack of alternative job opportunities. Furthermore, these are also the results of considerable deficits in the economic development of China’s agricultural sector during the course of the economic reform. The very small family farms, which operate around 90% of agricultural land, are very poorly integrated into the goods and factor markets. All of these are embedded in a continued threat of severe resource degradation which put additional pressure on rural households.

The interlinking project aims at a more comprehensive and coordinated analysis of the dynamics of agricultural development, and social-economic and ecological process in China’s rural areas, and it will endeavor to provide possible solutions to the aforementioned development deficits.



The Project is financed by the 2008 “Pakt für Innovation und Forschung des Bundes und der Länder“.



The IAMO China International Research Group structurally links up IAMO’s research activities in an international context and on a permanent basis. This is achieved by giving support to the systematic development of an international centre for the analysis of economic and social processes in those rural areas of the P. R. China with agricultural structures dominated by small-sized farms. The research group will build on IAMO’s existing contacts and partnerships with institutions of high international repute in the field of agro-economic research in China

Activities in the project closely link up with international cooperation partners by way of

  • Jointly carrying out of research project activities
  • Reciprocal visits to partner institutions
  • Joint organisation of academic events